What types of advertisement does Vipon offer?

We currently offer 2 types of advertisements: "Banner" and "Featured Deals".

1. Banner:

The banner advertisement will be displayed in the foreground of the Vipon homepage. There is no minimum requirement for the product discount and it is not limited to Amazon. The banner can direct buyers to the product display page on either Amazon or third-party platforms.

Banner Pricing:

$600 / 3Days

2. Featured Deals:

Featured deals are pinned to the VIPON homepage for a minimum of one day. This exposes your product to a large amount of traffic and conversions.

Featured Deals Pricing:

$200/Day for paid members(US site). 

$300/Day for regular sellers(US site). 

* Vipon team has experienced editors and professional designers to write the article and design the picture for you.  

For more details and price, please contact [email protected]

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