How can I add product to Vipon?

1.    After signing into your account, you can either click “Add a Product”, or “Create a Promotion”  to create promotions.

2. Then enter the URL of the products you want to add and click “Load Products”.

3. After clicking “Load products”, the system will need 3-15 minutes to collect the product information. Please be patient.

4. You can continue to add products by clicking “Create a Promotion” with product URL or ASIN (Max. 20 at a time). When adding products by ASIN, please select the country of your product, is the default option, and enter the seller ID.

5. After the product image and title have being collected, you can click the pen icon and start configuring the promotion.

6. Then click "Next Step: Voucher Settings" to set the voucher details.

Note:You have to provide coupon codes that are at least 50% off. Please click here to learn more

Notes: If you choose Multiple,single use promo codes:

a) You must use at least 5 vouchers, and no more than 500.

b) The total vouchers must be no less than exactly the length of your promotion and number of vouchers limited per day.

Example: If you run your promotion for 10 days and release 5 vouchers each day, you must add 50 vouchers at least (5 vouchers per day * 10 days ≥ 50 total ).

Total vouchers should be :280 at least.

7. After all information above has been completed, click the “Save Product” button on the bottom right corner. You can now click the arrows icon to see your product on Vipon. 

8. If you need to modify the promotion details again, click the pen icon. 

9. If you would like to stop or start running a promotion, you can change it's status by clicking the icon below. 

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