Vipon Product Promotion Errors Reminder

Improper operation or wrong operation will usually result because of the following reasons:

1. The non-discounted price does not match the current sale price on Amazon;

2. The final purchase price does not match the discounted price that shows on Vipon;

3. The promotional code provided cannot be applied to purchase the corresponding item(usually because product Asin was added wrongly when setting up the promo code);

4. The promotional code is not valid (the code was set incorrectly on Amazon, or the code was not yet in effect):

5. The promotional code provided has already expired.

6. The Amazon URL of the product cannot be accessed; or the Amazon product page shows Currently Unavailable:

In both first cases, customers will not buy the item as the price and/or discount on Amazon does not concur with price and/or discount on Vipon. In the other cases, customers will not be able to make any orders at all.

Improper promotion setting will result in the following:

  • 1.    It will definitely impact the promotion effect, lower the user’s shopping experience, and you can expect that your promotion will be less popular
  • 2.    Counterfeit discounts and coupon codes will make consumers think the seller is dishonest, which is likely to affect your bottom line due to the loss of trust.
  • 3.    It will attract dishonest buyers, who may come to trade reviews, those of whome are more likely to resort to threats and extortion.

Malicious operation will lead the account to be blocked

From the official point view of the platform, the user's improper promotional operation or malicious operation will bring a bad user experience to Vipon buyers. Therefore, Vipon will reinforce the credit rating control for all sellers. If we find intentional operational errors, or that you continually violate the rules of the platform, resulting in a bad user experience, your credit rating will be downgraded and your account may be prohibited altogether.

【Special Statement】

Please check the prices, discounts, product image, promotion date, product Amazon URL, etc. when submitting promotional product on Vipon. Please ensure that the promotional code is correct and effective, so that buyers will not abandon their cart.

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